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The Limn project focuses on developing tools for creating animations and interacting with them for visualizing large, multi-dimensional data. The objective is to scale up the successful multiple views paradigm from the current technological limit of about 1 million cases to arbitrary amounts of data, using advancements in video technology.

Visualization of data is important in any kind of analysis because the eye can detect features that are not easily found by numerical algorithms, such as local departures from a trend, and structure in sparse data. Graphics are also important for important for refining and understanding numerical solutions.

This work specifically focuses on visualizing all the data, rather than preprocessing to obtain smaller subsets for viewing. Although preprocessing will be a part of the research, the ability to look at all cases simultaneously is critical. It also specifically targets data with more than 3 measured variables, up to about 15 measured variables.

January 2005: Software, screenshots and documentation are updated. Software can be downloaded from the download page now.

Limn (lîm), v.t.; to present an image or lifelike imitation of.

Limit-n; to be able to explore any data set to its limits.